Net Control 2 Student Module for iPad, iPhone and Android

November 19, 2013

Net Control 2 Student Module for iPad, iPhone and Android.

We are happy today to announce four new mobile clients for our classroom management software Net Control 2. With this release, we are launching a new product range in Net Control 2 product family and hoping that these new products will be useful for our customers and will make the teaching process even more effective and comfortable.

New products include:

  • Net Control 2 Student Module. Standard Edition for iPad and iPhone;
  • Net Control 2 Student Module. PRO for iPad and iPhone;
  • Net Control 2 Student Module. Standard Edition for Android;
  • Net Control 2 Student Module. PRO for Android.

Taking into account a significant difference between desktop and mobile environments, the mobile clients support only part of the features set of Windows version of Net Control 2 Client.

Currently the mobile client supports the following features:

  • Broadcast Desktop Viewer – view image of a teacher computer desktop, when the teacher is broadcasting his/her desktop to students;
  • get a lesson information from a connected teacher module;
  • “raise hand” virtually;
  • send help requests to a teacher;
  • receive messages and notifications from a teacher;
  • chat with a teacher (by teacher’s request);
  • participate in polls;
  • see the class whiteboard;
  • connect a selected teacher module by an IP address or a DNS name (for Standard Edition);
  • connect a teacher from the list of available teachers (self-registration), for PRO Edition.

Net Control 2 Student Module can work only over Wi-Fi local network connection, teacher components and Connection Server software (for PRO Edition) should be installed on desktop computers separately.

This mobile client is provided for free, but requires a respective student license on Connection Server computer.

For actual information, download links, hardware and compatibility notes please refer to the home page of the product: .

Net Software P.C.


Net Control 2 version 10.1 released

September 11, 2013

Net Control 2 version 10.1 released

Today we are happy to announce next update for our classroom management products Net Control 2 Classroom, Net Control 2 PRO and Net Control 2 SmallClass.

In this version you will find the following changes:

Leader groups (except for SmallClass Edition). Teacher can join several users to a student group, transferring a part of teacher privileges to some leader of the group, the leader can chat with other students of a group with text or voice chat, broadcast his/her screen to others, broadcast any user’s screen to others, control and monitor computers of the student group, use Whiteboard and Send/Collect Files tools (depending on permissions given to the leader by the teacher).

Direct broadcast mode, for complex environments where UDP Broadcast and Multicast protocols don’t work. (The mode is disabled by default, should be enabled in the teacher console settings).

Conference mode for Speech tool, enables a voice chat between teacher and several students at a time, so everyone can hear others (the default mode assumes bi-directional voice chat, i.e. only teacher can hear all students, other students can hear only teacher voice). The conference mode is disabled by default, should be enabled in the teacher console settings.

– Speech tool supports hi-quality sounds by default. Low-quality mode may be enabled to increase performance.

Quick Question tool draws charts upon poll completion.

– Quiz tool: teacher can pause time restricted quizzes.

– Quiz tool: teacher can add time for time restricted quizzes.

– Quiz tool: teacher can suspend quizzes, the quiz state will be stored on student computers and the teacher will be able to restore the suspended quiz and continue testing at any other time.

– Quiz tool: teacher can enable random order for questions of a quiz (before the quiz is started).

– Quiz tool: teacher can allow displaying a detailed results table on test completion. Students can see correct answers with detailed description of earned and available points for each question.

Customizable pop-up panel is displayed on teacher computers when the teacher console is minimized to the task bar. Teachers can execute commands without opening of the teacher console.

– Co-play tool supports shared network folders that are accessible only on a user level (and are inaccessible for system services, for example).

– Desktop Recorder Player supports DRR format of previous versions (9)

– Arabic language support for user interface.

– Unicode support for profiles, workspace, configuration files


PRO Edition: support of reference text files for group contents. The reference file is an external text file that contains a list of Computers, Student IDs or IP addresses forming the group. The file content may be dynamic, i.e. Connection Server reads content of the file (and form groups respectively) at a time of the server startup.

Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Downloads are available through the download section of our website:

Download links delivered to our registered customers for version 10 are valid for this update.


Special offer for customers from the European Union

May 31, 2013.

Good news for customers from the EU!

Till August 31, 2013 the value added tax for customers from the European Union is included in regular prices. Don’t miss the chance to save up to 27% on purchase.

Have any questions regarding the offer? We always will be happy to assist you:

Net Control 2 version 10 build 5178 – the classroom management software

May 17, 2013

Net Control 2 version 10 build 5178 released

The classroom management software Net Control 2 version 10 Build 5178 is available now.
What’s new in this version:

  • All additional tabs of the teacher console (Screenshot View, Chats, File Manager, Poll Monitor, Quiz Monitor, Journal and others) may be closed at any moment with new Close button placed on the tab.
  • With Send Message tool you can speak the message on student computers instead of displaying it on the screen. 
  • Includes bugfixes for found issues and other minor improvements.

Downloads are available through the download section of our website:


Net Control 2 version 10 is already available!

We at Net Software P.C. are happy to announce that new version of Net Control 2 is already released. With a bunch of new features and improvements we hope this version will be a reliable aid to teachers, instructors and IT administrators in their work.

Taking into account the latest trends in teaching technologies, gradual transition to one-to-one and BYOD environments, with Net Control 2 version 10 we have changed significantly the approach to the user interface on both teacher and student sides, but especially on client (student) computers. With new messaging and new “hand raising” interfaces students now have more opportunities for communication with teachers, as also teachers now are able to get more complete feedback from students.

Important changes touched the Quizzing and Polling subsystem, with new Quiz Player of Net Control 2 version 10 your tests, quizzes and polls will be more impressive and attractive. Messaging, student registering and chatting subsystems on student computers were almost rewritten from zero.

Our international customers should estimate full Unicode support for both client and teacher modules that simplifies communication with complex languages.

Improved support of multi-monitor environments, centralized licensing of teacher and student computers from Connection Server in PRO Edition, new Screenshot View, Co-Browse and Raise Hand tools, this and many other features at your disposal in this version.

All users of previous versions, who purchased Net Control 2 license within past two years, are invited to contact Net Control 2 support or your local distributor for free upgrade. Please note, your old registration keys do not work in version 10, we will provide you with new registration key.

If you are ineligible for free upgrade but have purchased the software less than 5 years ago we will be happy to provide you with 50% discount for the upgrade (in bounds of the same edition and license limits).

As always, all new purchases come with free 24 month upgrade period, free technical support, auxiliary utilities and packages (deployment MSI packages, MSI Builders, administrative templates and tools).

Important resources:
Net Control 2 version 10 screenshots:

Net Control 2 DEMO version:

Net Control 2 version 10 for registered users: