Broadcast a desktop image with the system audio in Net Control 2 version 12.01

Today we are publishing a next minor update for Net Control 2 Classroom, PRO and SmallClass version 12. Version 12.01 is already available for download!

The primary improvement of this version is the ability to broadcast a desktop image of a teacher or one of student computers together with the simultaneous audio playback of the system sound, i.e. the sound that is playing at this moment on the broadcasting computer.

This feature makes possible to broadcast video- and multimedia presentations that include audio, making the process of the broadcast and playback more complete and effective.

To turn on the system audio broadcast, within the Broadcast Desktop session, just click the “System sound” button on the Broadcast Desktop toolbar:


Our multiple international customers may estimate another improvement for Net Control 2 Professional Edition. It now provides full support  for non-ANSI (non-Latin) characters in group names. Do not limit your fantasy in naming your groups anymore!

This update includes several other minor improvements and bug fixes for issues found since the last release.

Registration keys for version 12 are published in Customer Panel

All registered users of previous versions that are eligible for free upgrades to Net Control ² version 12, can access their new, updated license keys in Customer Panel right now.

“My Licenses” section contains your new license key, and “Downloads” section provides access to installation packages.

You do not need to contact us for free upgrade to version 12 additionally, your downloads and license information is already available in Customer Panel.

If you are not registered in Customer Panel yet, but have your registration name and key, you can register here. The process is automatic and you can access your updated registered user information in less than a minute.

If you are sure that you are eligible for the free upgrade, but your updated information is not present in Customer Panel, please contact us additionally for manual review.




What’s new in version 12 of Net Control ² classroom management software.

This “What’s new” document includes a detailed list of new features and improvements in Net Control ² Classroom Management Software version 12. Please also see the following article for additional information regarding this release.

  • Two view types: basic and advanced. The Basic view provides simplified User Interface with the lesser interface elements in the main window, hides several operations that are intended for experienced users (command prompt, policies, file management). The view type may be selected at startup or changed later in the teacher module settings.
  • Unconnected computers are visible in all editions. The teacher module remembers inverse connections and displays them in the teacher console even when they are unconnected. This behaviour may be changed in the teacher module settings.
  • Teachers can rename inverse connections.
  • Standard Edition supports only inverse connections. Users of previous versions, for compatibility with the existing settings and environment, may request a special version of Standard Edition with the support of direct connections.
  • New search interface. Standard Edition can search the network for inverse connections, using quick search methods (multicast) and individual import of computers from text lists, network neighborhood, Active Directory and so on.
  • Search by Lesson ID. Student Registration tool supports special “Lesson ID” parameter. When a student has entered some Lesson ID parameter in the Student Registration window, a teacher can search the network for this ID, found student computers will be added to the workspace.
  • Temporary connections: found student connections may be marked as “permanent” or “temporary”. For permanent connections, the teacher module will be assigned to the student in its settings permanently, temporary connections will remain active until restart of the computer or the user log off.
  • Connection by Teacher Session ID. Students can connect a teacher computer themselves by providing the teacher module session ID (may be found in the teacher console, on About tab). As another way of connecting teachers in 1-to-1 or BYOD scenarios.
  • Student console on student computers may be shown remotely from the teacher console using the connection’s context menu command.
  • Lesson resources. A teacher can create lesson resources, as a text description, a set of files that will be sent to students, a set of local resources (links to programs, local files and documents, Internet websites). When created, lesson resources will be copied, displayed and available for all students that are connected to the teacher. Teacher can save and re-use the lesson resources at any time.
  • Three new animated backgrounds for quizzes, messages and polls.
  • Text messages may be shown in a windowed mode.
  • Timed text messages: the messages may be automatically closed after some specified time.
  • Locked messages: student cannot close the message until the specified time elapses, or a teacher closes the message window remotely.
  • Students can restore (show again) a last message sent by a teacher.
  • In addition to .JPEG images, “Messages” and “Question” tools support sending custom images in .BMP, .PNG and .GIF formats.
  • Poll (quick question): teacher can set up a think time to make a delay between displaying a question and ability to answer it.
  • Poll (quick question). The “Require answer” option makes impossible for students to close the poll window without choosing some answer.
  • Poll (quick queston): timed polls, the question will be displayed only within the specified time.
  • Poll (quick question): student responses are arranged by answer time. The corresponding places in the competition are displayed as signs over thumbnails in the connection list. A special new button in the teacher console is intended for resetting the signs.
  • Poll (quick question): after a poll, in a few clicks, a teacher can send messages to all students who answered correctly or incorrectly.
  • Quiz: extended statistics. A teacher can monitor student replies in Quiz Monitor window, in popup messages or in detailed view in the table.  The statistics include given and correct answers for each student.
  • A short sound signal will be played when a student raises hand on his/her computer.
  • Speech Manager: allows displaying video from the teacher’s webcamera on student computers.
  • Remote Desktop and Broadcast Desktop support custom, application-defined, non-system cursors, like brushes, pens in graphics software.
  • Broadcast Desktop: improved broadcast toolbar.
  • Student registration supports special “restricted” mode, when enabled, students cannot bypass the registration.
  • Lesson timer: the teacher can set up a lesson timer that is always visible in the teacher console.
  • Dragging and dropping a .JPEG/.PNG file on the teacher module window from an external program, sends and displays this file on selected student computers.
  • The battery status of a student computer is displayed in a popup connection status window, the low level battery notification is displayed as a popup sign over student connection.
  • When a help request notification received from a student, a popup sign appears over the student connection.
  • New help request interface in the teacher module: on a help request, a teacher can either begin a remote control session or chat with the requesting student.
  • New Avatar view instead of “icons view” in previous versions. Student connections may be represented by a custom image (a photo for example) or an avatar. The teacher module includes built-in the avatar editor, where you can create customized avatars for students.
  • Quick commands panel is displayed at right side of each selected connection for quick applying the most important commands.
  • Connection status window includes connection time.
  • Professional Edition: teacher settings and profiles may be stored on Connection Server computer.

Net Control ² version 12

We at Net Software P.C. are proud to announce today a new release of a next generation of Net Control ² classroom management software, Net Control 2 version 12, in Standard, SmallClass and Professional editions.

The main improvements of this version touched existing tools and features, enhancement of the user interface, expansion of the available functions of the tools. This major update includes also several new features that will make the process of co-operation and co-working with students even more effective.

One of the tasks that we worked on developing this version, was simplification of the user interface for users that do not require access to all available features, when displaying the extensive list of buttons for all the available tools in one window may be confusing. For such situations, the software offers two primary view modes: the “basic” mode for inexperienced users and the “full” mode for more advanced teachers. You can select the preferred mode at the first start of the program.

We have significantly expanded functionality for managing student connections in Professional and SmallClass editions, as also for inverse connections in Standard (Classroom) edition. Now you can easily modify such connections: rename them, add custom descriptions, re-position on the screen. You can see icons or thumbnails of turned off computers, as it was with “direct” connections in Classroom Edition of previous versions. Moreover, for Standard Edition, the inverse connections model is now the primary and the solely available type of connections by default. The previous versions compatibility mode is available though (for the support of existing installations and environments), but it is disabled by default for new installations, and should be specially enabled in the process of installation for existing environments.

We have added a new “avatar” view type for student connections. Now students may be represented in the connections list by a custom graphics image (a photo, for example), or an avatar created with the built-in editor.

Professional Edition now includes a redesigned  Connection Server Management Console, provides additional features for easy importing groups from Organizational Units list of Active Directory, can associate the teacher configuration and settings on the teacher computer with the account in Connection Server and store the configuration on the server directly.

Many of the features and improvements introduced in this version were suggested by our existing customers and were added according to your requests. We sincerely appreciate your feedback, loyalty and support, and we will be happy to hear your opinions and ideas regarding the new version also.

A more extensive list of the new features will be provided in the following post.

April 3rd, 2017

Mobile Clients for Android are published in Google AppStore

In addition to Net Control 2 Mobile Clients, Classroom and Professional editions for iOS, we are happy to announce updated versions of Net Control 2 Mobile Clients for Android.

Mobile Clients for Android are already available in Google AppStore:
Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client version 11.2 in Google AppStore

Net Control 2 Classroom Mobile Client version 11.2 in Google AppStore

and share the same features base as iOS editions. For more information about new and updated features please refer to the following resources:

Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client version 11.2

Net Control 2 Classroom Mobile Client version 11.2

Net Control 2 Mobile Clients home page

Net Control 2 Classroom Mobile Client for iOS version 11.2 is ready to download

In addition to Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client released a couple of days before, we are happy to release today an updated version for Net Control 2 Classroom (Standard Edition).

iOS Mobile Client for Net Control 2 Classroom works on iPad and iPhone, compatible with iOS version 7 and higher and supports all features provided in Mobile Client for Professional Edition (except for Pro-specific features like “self-registration”), in addition, it supports:

  • searching your local network for available teacher modules: you just need to specify an ID of the teacher that you would like to connect to, Mobile Client will try to find it and connect it automatically. Please read the following article in our Knowledge Base for additional information;
  • optionally, you can enable discovering your device in Mobile Client settings, then teachers will be able to find your device in the network in the same way as they find desktop computers, your device will be placed to the teacher workspace and automatically connected.

Download Net Control 2 Classroom Mobile Client in iOS AppStore.

Android versions of Mobile Client version 11.2 are coming soon!

Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client for iOS version 11.2 is already in AppStore

We are happy to announce that we just published today an updated version of our iOS Mobile Client for Net Control 2 Professional Edition, and the latest version 11.2 is already available in Apple AppStore.

This version was redesigned to support the new and updated features introduced in desktop versions of Net Control 2 version 11.xx, including the latest protocols of Broadcast Desktop tool, new Virtual Whiteboard, Grades tools and others.

With Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client students can connect Connection Server as ordinary “desktop” student modules, in the same way assigned to some group, depending on Connection Server group settings, and will be visible in the teacher console of a teacher that opens this group.

The same as with desktop student module, Mobile Client users can use self-registration feature, and choose a teacher from a list of available in the network teachers and connect to them automatically.


Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client supports:

  • Broadcast Desktop Viewer features – a teacher can share his/her screen of the teacher computer with students that use Net Control 2 Mobile Clients, the teacher’s desktop will be visible on iOS devices in a realtime showing all actions performed on the teacher computer;
  • Full screen text and graphic messages;
  • Polls;
  • Interactive quizzes, including new quiz formats introduced in version 11;
  • Participate in chats initiated by a teacher;
  • Send help requests to teachers;
  • Raise hand virtually and get notifications when a teacher has called the student on;
  • Use virtual whiteboard;
  • Fill in student registration forms sent by a teacher;

and other features.

Net Control 2 PRO Mobile Client for iOS you can download here:

Updates for other platforms and editions are coming soon…

Net Control 2 Standard Edition v11.10 compatibility note.

Among other changes and improvements in Net Control 2 Standard Edition version 11.10, this version uses a modified protocol for direct connections that provides additional security measures for Net Control 2 clients that do not use authentication or connection filtering features.

Unfortunately these changes make impossible using version 11.10 of Net Control 2 Client (Student) module with older teacher modules.

If the teacher module has version below than 11.10 and it attempts to connect the student module of version 11.10 or higher with direct connection model, such connection will be displayed with “waiting for screenshot” logo and no commands may be applied to the student computer.

Solution: update the teacher module to the latest version over existing installation, removal of the previous version is not required.

February 9, 2016